RELEASE: ICYMI: The Denver Post Endorses Frisch; The Independent Highlights Bipartisan Support for F


DATE: November 1, 2022

CONTACT: Madeleine Schmidt, 405-822-0533

ICYMI: The Denver Post Endorses Frisch; The Independent Highlights Bipartisan Support for Frisch

Denver Post Begs Readers Not to Vote Boebert; The Independent Speaks with Pro-Frisch Republicans

Woody Creek, CO – With just a week left to go before Election Day, the Adam Frisch campaign to oust Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is continuing to pick up key endorsements and gain support across the political spectrum.

The Denver Post’s endorsement of Frisch, which was released this weekend, was a scathing rebuke of Boebert and her “unproductive approach” which has “eroded Congress’ ability to honestly debate public policy that could help people in her district.”

Its strong language captured the attention of MSNBC, which noted in its Maddow Blog that “in Colorado, the editorial board of The Denver Post didn’t just endorse Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Democratic rival, Adam Frisch, the editors took the unusual step of literally begging local voters to be more responsible.”

The Denver Post Editorial Board writes:

“We beg voters in western and southern Colorado not to give Rep. Lauren Boebert their vote. Boebert has not represented the 3rd Congressional District well. Almost exclusively, she has spent her time and efforts contributing to the toxic political environment in this nation…”

“We grieve that this is who represents our great state in Congress – a state known for our moderate positions and our policy-first approach to politics. Rejecting all Boebert has come to represent – angry rants without offering real solutions — is important for the 3rd Congressional District, Colorado and this great nation. Frisch is a solid candidate who will stand in for the district in an honorable way.”

A story published in the Independent on Monday highlighted Frisch gaining support across the political spectrum, including from registered Republicans in the district and Republican political leaders, as the campaign continues to best Boebert in fundraising and nudge expectations its way.

The Independent: Could Lauren Boebert Be in Trouble in Colorado?

“Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert is a MAGA favourite but her Democratic challenger has been earning support from unlikely sources as he climbs the polls and rakes in donations. He says her ‘angertainment’ turned off voters and many tell Sheila Flynn they agree.” …

“One registered Republican in Rifle, where Ms Boebert’s gun-themed restaurant, Shooters Grill, sits on the main street, seems to back that up. Diana Humphrey, a retired educator, says she’ll be voting Democrat in next week’s election.” …

“Ms Boebert ‘did all kinds of stuff that, in my opinion, was like saying, ‘I don’t have to follow the law unless I agree with the law,’ Humphrey tells The Independent. ‘And that hit me - and my husband came up with this: We don’t want a law breaker to be our lawmaker.’ A born-again Christian, the former teacher and dean also says she has a problem with how Ms Boebert represents (or misrepresents) herself and her values. ‘Nothing she represents represents what I believe a Christian should be,’ she says, adding that she doesn’t think Ms Boebert ‘has local support.’”


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