RELEASE: Frisch Wins Endorsements from Grand Junction Sentinel, The Forward Party, National Council


DATE: October 17, 2022

CONTACT: Madeleine Schmidt, 405-822-0533

Frisch Wins Endorsements from Grand Junction Sentinel, The Forward Party, National Council of Coal Miners, National Security Leaders for America, No Labels, Restore the Balance, and More

Recent Endorsements Show Frisch Gaining Momentum, Building Bipartisan Coalition to Beat Boebert

Woody Creek, CO – On Sunday, conservative businessman Adam Frisch, who is running against Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district, was endorsed by the Grand Junction Sentinel Editorial Board. The endorsement comes amid a flood of endorsements from nonpartisan political organizations including The Forward Party, National Council of Coal Miners, National Security Leaders for America, No Labels, and Restore the Balance, in addition to the Durango Herald Editorial Board and Republican state Sen. Don Coram of Montrose.

The Grand Junction Sentinel Editorial Board calls Boebert a “liability,” writing in its endorsement that “her antics have often embarrassed this district. She has said things that make us question her understanding of the Constitution and taken actions that cast Western Colorado in a negative light.”

“We think Boebert’s conduct, like disrespecting the State of the Union ceremony, is disqualifying enough to take a chance on a newcomer,” the board continues. “For that reason, we think anyone still on the fence should consider supporting Frisch.”

Frisch has also received endorsements from these nonpartisan organizations:

  • The Forward Party: The Forward Party, a new political party aimed at rejecting partisan extremes and protecting democracy, endorsed Frisch last week. The Forward Party was formed by former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and is a merger between the Republican-led Renew America Movement and the Serve America Movement.

  • National Council of Coal Miners: The National Council of the Coal Miners Political Action Committee voted unanimously to endorse Frisch earlier this month, saying “your strong voice in support of our members is an inspiration for all of us.”

  • National Security Leaders for America: National Security Leaders for America, a bipartisan nonprofit organization comprised of more than 500 former senior leaders from the military and national security-related government agencies, announced today that they’re endorsing Frisch. The group, which is dedicated to supporting strong national security and a healthy democracy, is supporting Frisch because CO-3 “deserves a representative with common sense, someone who will take the job seriously and will care more about representing his district than getting his name in the news.”

  • No Labels: The bipartisan group No Labels, which inspired the congressional Problem Solvers Caucus which is committed to cooperation across party lines on key issues, is supporting Frisch.

  • Restore the Balance: The Grand Junction nonprofit organization Restore the Balance, which aims to fight political extremism, endorsed Frisch earlier this month, saying he “understands the threat posed by political extremism, acknowledging extremism exists on both the left and the right.”

“I am grateful and humbled by the bipartisan coalition that is showing up to support our campaign and defeat Lauren Boebert to give CO-3 effective representation in Washington,” Frisch said. “Boebert is an embarrassment and an extremist who has failed to deliver for her constituents, as evidenced by her 0-39 legislative record. Extremist politicians like Boebert make it impossible to get things done. I look forward to finding bipartisan solutions in Congress that work for the families, businesses, and communities in this district.”

These recent endorsements, which represent key voices that transcend the partisan divide, are yet another sign of the Frisch campaign gaining momentum to beat Boebert as Election Day draws closer. A recent poll from Keating Research shows Frisch within two points of beating Boebert, a statistical tie given the poll’s 4.4% margin of error, and points to growing support among unaffiliated voters. A poll released last week by Center Street PAC has Frisch five points ahead of Boebert. The Frisch campaign also raised a whopping $1.69 million in the 3rd quarter FEC filing, nearly doubling Boebert’s fundraising for the same period.

Other endorsements can be found here.


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