Release: Boebert beware: Adam Frisch announces over $1.65million cash on hand – builds war chest in

For Immediate Release:

Monday, April 4, 2022

Contact: Alvina Vasquez, 303-881-3875

Colorado 3rd Congressional District Candidate Adam Frisch, the new frontrunner in the

Democratic Primary for CD3 puts his money where his mouth is, ensuring Lauren Boebert

“the Betrayer” loses this November.

Frisch heads into the final stretch of the primary with momentum and over $1.65 million on

hand, including massive grassroots support.

“To defeat Boebert, we have over $1.65 million on hand in our first 50 days,” noted Frisch. “I

am putting up my own money to support my principles. I deposited a $1.5 million dollar loan in our campaign account, together with over $230,000 from nearly 900 contributors,” added


“As a patriot, businessman, 8-year city councilman, and family man, I offer a clear alternative

that can bring moderate Republicans, Independents, and Democrats together to retire

Boebert and return this seat to rational representation,” Frisch added.

“Lauren Boebert is a national joke, a punch line for comedians, and an embarrassment to our state. Boebert’s extreme ideas, hate speech, and radical voting record - she voted to support Vladimir Putin twice in 2 weeks - borders on treason and betrays the interests of the people of the third district of Colorado. Boebert must be defeated for the good of the country and the good citizens she pretends to represent,” stated Frisch “Boebert beware…you are going to lose,” added Frisch.

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