Release: Adam Frisch, the only Democratic candidate that can beat Boebert, decries the overturning


June 24, 2022

Contact: Sarah Shook


Aspen, Colo. – (June 24, 2022): Pragmatic Democrat Adam Frisch, running for Congress in the 3rd District of Colorado, forcefully states his continued belief that women’s health care decisions, including the access to abortion procedures, are between her and her health care providers. Period.

“It is impossible to overstate just how tragic this decision is and what it means for the rights of all Americans nationwide. Individuals, not the government, should be making choices on their health care decisions” stated Adam Frisch, the only candidate from either party that can beat Rep. Lauren Boebert this fall.

“My father was an OB/GYN for 50 years. His last years of practicing medicine were helping to train the next generation of Planned Parenthood health care providers.The youngest of my 3 sisters is a practicing OB/GYN,” says Frisch. “I am extremely proud of both of them in supporting a woman’s ability to choose what is best for her, her body, her family and her future.

In the 3rd Congressional District of Colorado, Planned Parenthood clinics provide vital healthcare of all kinds to its patients – no matter a patient’s race or financial status.

The overturning of Roe V. Wade also further exacerbates the healthcare access between rich and poor. The wealthy can afford to fly to states with broad health care access, while the poor will lose further access to the healthcare they deserve. “This is not a partisan issue. There are Democrats and Republicans who not only support the right to choose, but also have accessed this care in the past, and certainly will in the future.” says Frisch.

“I am proud to be a Coloradoan and I applaud the efforts of Governor Jared Polis and the Colorado legislature for making sure our state will continue to be a place where women can have autonomy over their own bodies and own healthcare decisions. I want to work in Congress to make sure this is a right for every American woman.” proclaimed Frisch.

Adam Frisch is a local businessman and former City Councilman who has been active on the Western Slope for two decades, working to promote affordable housing, protecting water rights, and the transition to renewable energies. Only a well-funded, mainstream Democrat like Adam Frisch, can build serious inroads into the largest voting block – unaffiliated voters – to beat Boebert in November.


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