NEW POLL: Rep. Boebert Falls Short of Majority Support in CO-3, Challenger Frisch Within 7 Points


DATE: August 3, 2022

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NEW POLL: Rep. Boebert Falls Short of Majority Support in CO-3, Challenger Frisch Within 7 Points

Colorado Congressional Candidate Adam Frisch Has Path to Victory Against Rep. Boebert, Opportunity to Bring Real Representation to CO-3 Residents

Woody Creek, CO – A poll released today of likely voters in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District shows voters are growing tired of Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO). The embattled incumbent is leading her opponent, Western Slope businessman Adam Frisch, by just 7 percentage points.

According to the poll conducted by Keating Research, 42% of those surveyed said they’d vote for Frisch, with Boebert receiving just 49%, less than majority support. Boebert also received less than two-thirds of the vote in the recent Republican primary. She now trails Frisch among Unaffiliated voters, the largest voting group in the district, by 8 points, with 49% saying they’d vote Frisch and only 41% for Boebert.

“These numbers reflect what we’ve been hearing from voters all across the district: that they’re ready to stop Boebert’s circus and elect a representative that will work hard to address the needs of the district on issues like inflation, jobs, water, energy independence, and more,” Frisch said. “Boebert is a show pony who only works hard to boost her own personal profile, not to deliver results for the people of Southern and Western Colorado. I’m more confident than ever that Boebert is weak and going to lose, and that the voters of CO-3 are ready for real leadership.”

The poll also revealed that Frisch is well-positioned to grow support as voters learn about him, while voters are strongly divided on Boebert.

Frisch is viewed favorably by a 2-to-1 ratio, with 23% of voters viewing him favorably and only 12% viewing him unfavorably. At this early stage of the campaign, roughly two-thirds of voters have yet to learn about Frisch, giving him a major opening to grow support in the coming months. Meanwhile, Boebert has voters strongly divided, with 45% of voters viewing her favorably and 44% viewing her unfavorably, including 38% who view her very unfavorably.

The poll also indicated that voters in CO-3 are quickly growing tired of Boebert, with nearly half (48%) saying it’s better to elect someone else compared to just 45% who say Boebert should be re-elected. Unaffiliated voters in particular have a strong desire to send someone else to Congress – just 36% say Boebert should be re-elected and 57% say it’s time to elect someone else.

See the attached memo that goes more in depth on Frisch’s path to victory in November.


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