NEW POLL: Frisch Statistically Tied With Boebert as Support for Frisch Surges


DATE: October 4, 2022

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NEW POLL: Frisch Statistically Tied With Boebert as Support for Frisch Surges

Frisch Two Points Behind Boebert – Closing the Gap from Seven Points in July – As Unaffiliated Voters Reject Boebert’s Extremism

WOODY CREEK, CO – A new poll of likely voters in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District shows Western Slope businessman Adam Frisch in a statistical tie with incumbent Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) as support surges from unaffiliated voters.

Frisch is now within 2 percentage points of Boebert, well within the margin of error of ± 4.4%, according to the poll conducted by Keating Research. You are invited to a poll briefing with Keating Research today at 12:00 p.m. MT to review these results (more details below).

In this poll, 45% of likely voters said they would vote for Frisch and 47% said they’d vote for Boebert. In a similar poll from July, also conducted by Keating Research, Frisch was 7-points behind Boebert, with 49% supporting Boebert and 42% for Frisch, showing that Frisch has been building momentum and will continue to close the gap in the coming weeks.

Unaffiliated voters, the largest voting group in the district, are flocking to Frisch and away from Boebert’s out-of-step views and 0-39 legislative record. In this poll, 57% of unaffiliated voters say they will support Frisch compared to just 32% for Boebert.

Frisch, a politically mainstream businessman who was registered as unaffiliated for decades before joining the Democratic Party in December to run against Boebert, is well-poised to continue growing support among this critical voting group and defeat Boebert in the fall. Frisch will be an independent voice for change, beholden only to the people of CO-3, not any political party.

“We are going to beat Lauren Boebert. I’ve believed this since I entered the race, but this poll showing that we are tied makes it even more clear that voters in CO-3 want Boebert’s circus to stop and are looking for a better choice to represent their families, their businesses, and their communities,” Frisch said. “The people of Western and Southern Colorado deserve a congressperson who will be a workhorse in Washington who is focused on the needs of the district, not a show pony like Boebert who only focuses on herself. I’ll work hard in Washington to protect our water, create jobs, and achieve energy independence.”

The poll also shows Boebert’s favorability rating among voters decreasing as Frisch grows support. Of those polled, 49% view Boebert unfavorably. In the July poll, 44% had an unfavorable opinion.

The poll shows Frisch’s popularity has grown as more voters learn about him. In particular, 60% of voters who consider themselves moderate favor Frisch, compared to 13% who view him unfavorably.

Today at 12:00 p.m. MT, Chris Keating and Jake Martin from Keating Research will give a press briefing to dive in to the poll results and provide an opportunity for press to ask questions.

WHAT: Briefing on poll of likely voters in CO-3

WHO: Keating Research

WHEN: Today, Tuesday, October 4 at 12 p.m. MT

WHERE: Click here to join Zoom call

The memo linked here goes into more detail on Frisch’s path to victory.

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