ICYMI: Frisch Campaign to Oust Rep. Lauren Boebert Gaining Momentum


DATE: August 2, 2022

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ICYMI: Frisch Campaign to Oust Rep. Lauren Boebert Gaining Momentum

Pro-Business, Pro-Energy Independence Candidate Adam Frisch Discusses His Path to Victory in November, Challenges Boebert to Debates

Woody Creek, CO – Coming off a primary win in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district, the Adam Frisch campaign to replace Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is gaining momentum.

The campaign made headlines last week after challenging Boebert to 5 debates across the district, including at Club 20 in Grand Junction, which top-ticket Democrats have skipped in recent years. In another story in Denver Westword, Frisch outlined his path to victory against Boebert in the fall, who is among the weakest of the political extremists in Congress.

Read more below from Colorado Politics:

Colorado Politics: “Boebert agrees to single debate with Democratic challenger, but Frisch wants 4 more”

"I’m not surprised that she’s scared to debate me, to get in front of her voters," he said. "I think one of the core duties of a public elected official is to go talk to everybody, not just show up in the most friendly of places."

… In 2020, neither Boebert, who was seeking her first term, nor her Democratic opponent, former state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush, showed up for the confab, with Mitsch Bush citing COVID safety concerns and Boebert declining to participate if she couldn't submit a prerecorded video answering questions provided in advance. The two didn't manage to schedule any other debates, and Boebert went on to win the Republican-leaning seat by about 6 percentage points.

Read more below from Denver Westword:

Denver Westword: “Democratic Nominee Adam Frisch's Formula for Defeating Lauren Boebert”

Frisch's latest chapter began unfolding this past November. "After Boebert said something disparaging, mean, petty, obnoxious, bigoted, I pulled out the 2020 election results for six or seven people in the House — people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz. I saw that most of them had 65-to-75 percent win ratios in 2020, but Boebert had only won 51 percent of CD3 — it was 51 to 46 percent over challenger Diane Mitsch Bush," he notes. "I thought, if 5 percent of the people had switched their vote, Boebert would have lost."

In the two years that followed, the math became a little more difficult, with the 3rd Congressional District's percentage of Republican voters rising substantially after new lines were drawn. But Frisch says he was prepared for that: "I assumed redistricting was coming, so I thought we needed 10 percent to switch. But I still see her as electorally weak, and I thought that if a moderate Democrat could get past the primary, he could build a coalition with Democrats, independents and the rational Republican crowd. So 10 percent of those prior voters is the holy grail of how someone can win."


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