Boebert Republican Primary Challenger Don Coram Endorses Frisch


DATE: October 12, 2022

CONTACT: Madeleine Schmidt, 405-822-0533

Boebert Republican Primary Challenger Don Coram Endorses Frisch

Coram Calls Boebert ‘Disgraceful’, Says Frisch Is the ‘Better Choice’ for Those ‘Fed Up With Extreme Partisanship and Juvenile Antics’

Woody Creek, CO – Today, the Adam Frisch campaign for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district is announcing that Republican state Sen. Don Coram of Montrose, who challenged Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in the 2022 Republican primary, is endorsing Frisch.

In a letter endorsing Frisch, Coram criticized Boebert for failing to pass a single piece of legislation during her tenure and said she has “consistently voted against legislation that would benefit the 3rd Congressional District.”

“What’s more disconcerting is that she continues to lie to voters and claims credit for things she had absolutely nothing to do with,” Coram continues. “Bottom line, instead of working to represent the people in the 3rd CD, Lauren spends her time jet-setting around the country promoting herself and extreme rhetoric that only divides this country further. It’s disgraceful and we should expect more from our United States Representative.”

“I believe Adam Frisch is a good man,” Coram says. “He has demonstrated that he is more interested in representing the district than being a celebrity. That’s important. Naturally, Adam and I differ on various policies and issues. However, I know that he is the type of person who will come to the table and have a conversation. That is what we should expect from our representative.”

“Let's elect someone who cares about representing the majority of people in the middle that are fed up with extreme partisanship and juvenile antics. Join me in voting for Adam Frisch for Congress,” Coram concluded.

Read the full letter in which Coram endorses Frisch, in addition to Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, at this link.

Lauren Boebert only received 45% of the total primary vote in June, and Frisch now has support of every primary candidate, Democratic and Republican, representing a total of 55% of the primary vote.

In addition to endorsing Frisch, Coram is serving as co-chair of Republicans for Frisch, a growing coalition of Republicans in CO-3 who are distancing themselves from Boebert in favor of a candidate who better represents their conservative values on issues like the economy, caring for veterans, and protecting Colorado’s water. Learn more about Republicans for Frisch at

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Don Coram, who has been an upstanding leader and public servant who cares deeply about the people of Western Colorado,” said Frisch. “Coram recognizes that extremists like Boebert make it impossible to get things done for the people of CO-3. I am building a strong bipartisan coalition to ensure that the people of Southern and Western Colorado have an effective representative in Washington who will focus on the issues facing their families, their communities, and their businesses.”

The Frisch campaign has been rapidly gaining momentum in recent weeks and growing support across party lines. A poll released last week from Keating Research showed Frisch within 2 points of Boebert, a statistical tie given the poll’s 4.4% margin of error. The poll showed Frisch gaining ground among unaffiliated voters, the district’s largest voting group, 57% of whom said they will support Frisch compared to just 32% for Boebert.

On Monday, the Frisch campaign announced raising $1.69 million in the 3rd quarter FEC filing, nearly doubling incumbent Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s announced $900,000 raised for the same period. The average contribution amount was $73 with 23,000 contributions. Frisch is the top-earning congressional candidate in Colorado and among just six Democratic congressional challengers who raised more than $1.5 million in Q3, according to an Oct. 4 report from Axios.


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