Adam Frisch Challenges Lauren Boebert to Participate in Five Debates Across CD-3 including Club 20


Date: July 26, 2022

Contact: Madeleine Schmidt, 405-822-0533

Adam Frisch Challenges Lauren Boebert to Participate in Five Debates Across CD-3 including Club 20

Frisch Plans to Speak to CD-3 Residents While Boebert Ignores Her District

Woody Creek, CO – Today, Adam Frisch, the Democrat running for Congress in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, challenged his opponent Rep. Lauren Boebert to debates in five regions across the district.

“I will debate Lauren Boebert anytime, anywhere, on any issue,” said Frisch, who is building a coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and Unaffiliated voters to replace Boebert in November.

“I call on Rep. Boebert to five debates in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District so that voters can hear directly from the candidates who are asking for their vote this November,” stated Frisch. “For two years, the diverse needs of Western and Southern Colorado have been neglected. I'd like to have real conversations about the real issues facing the people in our district. Just the two of us and a moderator discussing the concerns of the residents of CD-3."

Frisch recently returned from a 7 day tour of the district, driving 1,900 miles and visiting 56 communities to connect with voters and hear their concerns.

“I am building the coalition of Democrats, Unaffiliates, and the growing number of disenfranchised Republicans necessary to defeat Rep. Boebert in the fall,” stated Frisch. “Unlike the other extremists in the country, Boebert only won 51% of the vote in 2020, and did not even win her home county. Those that know Boebert best do not trust her.”

“Boebert is weak and going to lose,” Frisch said. “Our district deserves a representative who will focus on the challenges facing us here in Western and Southern Colorado, not the number of Twitter followers they have or their status as a leader of the Anger-tainment Industry.”

Frisch is challenging Boebert to debates in Pueblo, Alamosa, Durango, Rifle, and at Club 20 in Grand Junction.

Frisch suggests debates be 60-90 minutes long and allow for 30-45 minutes of Q&A from audience members.


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