Right now, everything costs too darn much. From gas to groceries to prescription drugs, average families are being gouged. As a businessman I know we need to solve our supply chain problems, cut unnecessary government regulations, and reduce spending. In Congress, I will fight so everyone can earn a living wage, afford a home, and put food on the table. 


Lauren Boebert is bought and paid for by the special interests and hasn’t stood up for working Colorado families in our district.



I will protect women’s health care access by getting politicians and judges out of the decision process that should be solely a woman and her healthcare providers. 


It would be impossible to overstate just how tragic and destructive the decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade would be and what it would mean for the rights of all Americans.


My father was an OB/GYN for 50 years, working with each individual on personal health decisions, including delivering thousands of babies and training the next generation of physicians.   My sister is still a practicing OB/GYN. I believe that a woman should have the ability to choose what is best for her, her body, her family and her future. Period. 

Lauren Boebert is one the most anti-family members of Congress.  She voted against the Access to Baby Formula Act.  She does not care about children and mothers, and does not support parental leave. 


When the covid pandemic started, I received my substitute teaching license to make sure kids could go to school. I have seen firsthand the complexity of rural school funding. We have two kids in high school. I am fully invested in the importance of educating our youth.  


I strongly feel that covid has set our kids back. We need to keep our schools open at all costs and provide sufficient resources to give every child an opportunity to succeed. Kids in rural Colorado deserve the same educational quality and support as in big cities and in other states. Teachers and families work hard to make sure our schools are educating our kids and helping them grow into successful adults. Unfortunately, many of our schools lack the resources they need to provide each child with a quality education. I will change that. 


In Congress, I will fight to put more resources into our classrooms so rural school districts can increase per-student spending, invest in job training and increase teacher pay to be competitive with other states. Today, schools in rural communities lack the resources to attract quality teachers with fair pay. Elected leaders in Washington can help by leveling the playing field for rural communities and ensuring everyone has the same funding for education. 


Despite the challenges our public schools face, they’re currently under attack by Lauren Boebert who wants to control what our kids are taught in the classroom. The classroom is no place for extremist agendas like Lauren Boebert's.


 As a small business owner, I have been creating jobs for much of my life. I know small businesses create the most jobs and drive local economies. My plan is to streamline regulations to sustain Main Street businesses across the state, and support financial incubators that create the jobs of tomorrow. My background in finance and as a local small business owner gives me a unique and deep understanding on how to stimulate economic growth in our growing district.  

Lauren Boebert has been too distracted Tweeting nonsense and lies to focus on our rural Colorado’s local economies.


I am a conservationist and I am committed to conserving our environmental resources – water, air, land – to preserve our way of life. We need lower carbon emissions without destroying our local economy. We need to be responsible stewards of the land and bring business, agricultural, environmentalists and government leaders together to find sensible solutions that create jobs while protecting our greatest natural resources

Lauren Boebert has been too sidetracked on raising money from around the country to focus on protecting our district’s beautiful outdoors.


While on Aspen CIty Council, I passed legislation that supports renewable energy solutions. We need to adopt energy policies that support the ongoing transition toward renewable energy sources under way in the private sector. This is good for the environment and our local economy. We must recognize the importance that coal and natural gas play in providing us with the energy we need. The transition needs to happen in a way that ensures families in the energy industry can still put food on their tables. 


In Congress, I will support the transition to clean renewable energy sources and will work to provide those living in gas and coal communities what they need to thrive. 

Lauren Boebert and her husband have been too busy helping themselves to energy industry contracts and payouts to support local economies or families in the energy industry.


Changing healthcare policy starts with changing leadership in Washington. People should have more flexibility in healthcare while having a competitive, private sector-driven insurance marketplace. Competition lowers prices.  


Healthcare can be more affordable and accessible to every American citizen. We need leaders who will bring everyone to the table and cut costs for every consumer.


In Congress, I will use my business experience to bring local, state and federal leaders together to create lasting solutions. I will also work to ensure more people have reliable access to health care by expanding telehealth and rural broadband access.

Lauren Boebert has been too focused on publicity stunts to focus people’s healthcare needs and challenges.

Protecting our Democracy

One reason I am running for Congress is to protect our democracy from radical extremists like Lauren Boebert, who peddle conspiracy theories and seek to divide us more at every turn. We need major reforms to protect our democracy from the threats within Congress, and we need to turn down this ‘Anger-tainment Industry’ that has been playing out online and on TV for the past two years. 


I will work to pass voting right’s reforms, take special interest money out of our politics, and bring an end to partisan gerrymandering. We should focus on delivering real results for working families and supporting our communities.


I am the only Democrat who can beat Lauren Boebert.