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Adam Frisch is committed to putting Colorado first and keeping America strong. He will be a workhorse and get stuff done for the 3rd Congressional District. Adam will:

  • Rebuild the middle class by fighting for high-paying jobs for all workers and lowering out-of-control costs. The economy needs to be the top priority of your representative.

  • Protect the good-paying jobs we have now, while creating new high wage jobs in all industries by encouraging locally produced energy, especially oil and natural gas. Outsourcing energy production not only harms the global climate, but also the American economy. 

  • Protect our natural resources with a focus on water and forest health. Adam will be a champion for Colorado’s forests and water.


“We need to stop policies that chip away at the value of a day’s work, making it harder for families and businesses to make ends meet.”


“I will always fight to protect Colorado’s water and keep it in its home basins.”


“Those who fought to protect Americans and our freedom deserve America’s thanks. I will always fight for Veterans and their families to make sure our country honors their service."


“In Congress, I will fight to better fund our schools so rural school districts can increase per-student spending, invest in job training, and increase teacher pay.”


“Healthcare can be more affordable and accessible to every American citizen. Changing healthcare policy starts with changing leadership in Washington.”


“I am a conservationist committed to preserving our natural resources and our way of life.”


“I know what it takes to make our district’s economy strong, and that will be my priority every day in Washington.”


“I will work hard to make sure Colorado continues to be a leader in energy production”

Fiscal Responsibility

“We have to prioritize programs that help Coloradans and keep our country safe while making sure we are not passing on burdensome debt to the next generation.”


"I trust women and believe each woman deserves the freedom to choose what is best for her, her body, her family, and her future."


“Agriculture is at the heart of our district’s economy and history, and our family farmers and ranchers deserve a hardworking representative they can count on.”

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