• Successful Businessman– Adam knows how to get stuff done. With a respectful demeanor and
    thoughtful common sense, he has built consensus working across cultures and communities
    throughout his career, both on the Western Slope and across the globe. He will work with everyone for our district, and he will never belittle anyone.

  • Hard Worker – Adam believes both political parties cater to the extremes and are corrupted by big money interests. He is a successful businessman who can’t be bought, and he will be an independent voice for change, working tirelessly to bring people together and get things done for Colorado’s 3rd District.

  • Experienced Elected Official – Adam has done the work. He spent eight years on City Council, where he worked thoughtfully with others on partnerships. He can build the needed coalition of Republicans, Democrats, and unaffiliated voters to bring common sense back to Colorado. He knows what it means to compromise and get along with others to accomplish goals. He will put his experience to work for our district.

  • Lauren Boebert Is Wrong for CO-3 - Lauren Boebert is a self-promoting show pony whose actions and votes hurt the pocketbooks of the people of Colorado and have weakened America. She voted against veterans’ healthcare, against Colorado jobs and microchips, against Colorado water, against seniors, and FOR Putin and China. Boebert has hurt America and our way of life while putting her personal brand first. And from recent poll numbers, it’s clear that momentum is on our side.

-Adam Frisch

​Adam Frisch can and will build the coalition and campaign necessary to defeat Lauren
Boebert in November.